Accelerated JD students have the same requirements and follow the same steps as traditional JD applicants.  Complete Suffolk Law's Fall 2018 application online at and select “Accelerated JD” under the degree program option. See instructions on How to Apply for JD.

All accelerated JD applicants will be considered for the traditional JD program as well.

Application Deadline

April 1.


You must take the LSAT no later than the February test date in the year of your anticipated entry.

Second Essay

Applicants to the accelerated JD program must submit a second essay describing why you want to join the accelerated program. The accelerated JD is a rigorous and competitive program, designed for self-motivated, organized, and diligent students. Applicants should use their second essay to show how they embody these traits and why they are interested in this particular program.

Financial Aid

Accelerated JD students should contact the Office of Financial Aid as soon as possible, and be sure to ask their financial aid counselor about any earlier deadlines due to the summer start. 

Already Admitted to Suffolk Law?

If you have been admitted to Suffolk Law for fall 2018 and want to apply for the accelerated program, please contact the Office of Law Admission to update your application. You will need to submit an additional personal statement describing why you want to participate in the accelerated program.