A. Core Courses

Students are required to take six (6) credits of core courses.

All students must take:  
International Law 3 credits
International law is a required course for the concentration.  It is strongly recommended that students consider taking international law in their second year.  While it is not a prerequisite for most other courses offered in the concentration, it does serve as a useful foundation.

Students may then choose to take one (1) of the following courses as their second International Law concentration required course:
International Business Transactions 3 credits
International Trade Law 3 credits

B. Elective Courses

In addition to the required core courses, students must elect courses totaling twelve (12) credits from the list below or through courses approved by the Director of the International Concentration, offered in the Summer Law Program, held in Galway or an equivalent academic program. No more than six (6) credits taken at academic programs not run by Suffolk University Law School may be used toward completion of the International Law Concentration.

Admiralty Law 2 credits
Advanced Legal Writing: International Advocacy 3 credits
Arbitration of Domestic and International Disputes 3 credits
Comparitive Income Tax 3 credits
Comparative Law & Culture 2 credits
Cuba Seminar: Comparative Criminal Law Procedure: Cuba and the U.S. 2 credits
Directed Study 2 credits
Emerging Issues in European Union - Galway 1.5 credits
Emerging Issues in Law, Information Technology and Transnational Business 2 credits
European Union Law (not offered 2017-2018) 3 credits
Externship - Domestic up to 3 credits
Externship - International up to 3 credits
Externship: Ireland 2 credits
Federal Indian Law 3 credits
Foreign Direct Investment Moot Court Competition 2 credits
Human Rights Law Survey 3 credits
Human Rights in Europe 2 credits
Human Rights Project 1-2 credits
Immigration: Business 3 credits
Immigration Clinic * 5 credits *
Immigration Law  4 credits
Indigenous Peoples' Rights Clinic * 5 credits *
* Please note that while students participating in the Immigration Clinic and Indigenous Peoples' Rights Clinic receive 10 course credits, only 5 credits may be applied to the International Law Concentration's elective course requirements.
International and Comparative Legal Research 2 credits
International Business Transactions 2-3 credits
International Comparitive Constitutional Law 1.5 credits
International Environmental Law 3 credits
International Intellectual Property 2 credits
International Law Concentration Thesis 2 credits
International Tax Law 3 credits
International Trade Law 3 credits
Jessup International Moot Court Competition 2 credits
Military Law 2 credits
The Laws of War 3 credits
Transnational Law Review 2 credits