How do we communicate about Workday to the Suffolk community?

We engage the community in many different ways, including:

  • Articles and information via email and "Inside Suffolk"
  • Video training for all staff on requesting time off, correcting time-off requests
  • Video training for all hourly staff on entering time and correcting time-off entries
  • Video training for managers on approving time and time off
  • Department-based training and Q&A on request

How does Workday benefit me?

  • One-stop source for all HR and benefits information
  • Greater control over your personal information via 24/7 self-service
  • Access from any computer
  • No more manual processes like paper vacation reports, time off requests, direct deposit, and W4 changes
  • Easy time tracking and entry, even for student workers
  • Employee history you can track forever

What employee information do managers have access to?

  • Your supervisor and designated managers and HR personnel have access to necessary and relevant information for strategic decision-making about you and your team. You are able to see information about the organization (e.g., organization charts) and detailed information about your HR record

How is my vacation time accrued?

  • Vacation time is accrued per pay period. You have the ability to see vacation as of a date in the future so you can, for example, plan next summer's vacation

Is my personal information secure?

  • Workday provides security protections to their software by continual updates and incorporating rigorous safeguards to maintain the highest security of your personal data. Additionally, Suffolk requires two-factor authentication for Workday which greatly enhances user access security to Workday. Two-factor authentication ensures that you are the one accessing your data, requiring you to use a second method of validation to confirm your identity (such as your smart device or phone) when logging in to Workday.

  • For instructions on using Suffolk two-factor authentication please visit the ITS Security wiki.