• Physics

    Part-time faculty can best be reached by email or by making an appointment. Part-time faculty offices are located in Room 621 in the Somerset building.

    Nathan Lowhorn 
    Senior Lecturer 
    PhD, Clemson University

    Ramanpreet Kaur 
    Senior Lecturer 
    PhD, Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences, India

    Geetha Berera 
    Senior Lecturer 
    PhD, Tufts University

    Chia-Ling Chen
    Lab Lecturer
    PhD, Northeastern University

    Changgeng Du 
    Senior Lecturer 
    PhD, Boston College

    David Hoogewerff 
    Senior Lecturer 
    MS, Northeastern University

    Koduvayur Narayana 
    Senior Lecturer 
    PhD, Boston College

  • Engineering

    Part-time faculty may be reached at the main department phone number, 617-573-8230. They may also be reached via the departmental fax number, 617-367-5063.

    Indrek Kulaots
    PhD, Brown University

    Gregory Sonek
    Senior Lecturer
    PhD, Cornell University