Suffolk University Counseling, Health and Wellness Services is committed to providing high quality health care for its enrolled students in a safe and private environment. We are giving you this Statement of Confidentiality to inform you about how we maintain the confidentiality of your student health records.

Suffolk University Counseling, Health & Wellness Services reserves the right to change this Statement of Confidentiality and to develop new privacy practices that will affect all existing student health records.

Your Student Health Records:

Each time you receive medical services and/or counseling at Suffolk Counseling, Health and Wellness Services an electronic health record is made. Your student health  record may describe your   visit, conditions, diagnoses, treatments and plan. Information such as test results, medications and other information obtained by your provider will be recorded.

Suffolk Counseling, Health and Wellness has in place, in accordance with applicable federal and state law, appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect the confidentiality of your student health records.

When and why we will disclose Confidential Student Health Records:

Student health records are considered a medical record or an education record under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”). Under FERPA, records may be disclosed with a student’s written consent or, in some situations, records may be disclosed without a student’s written consent. Please refer to the applicable Counseling, Health & Wellness Confidentiality statement at this link below:

Our Statement of Confidentiality explains how we maintain the confidentiality of your student health records.