Full-Time Faculty


Christine Adams
BSBA, MBA Suffolk University

Peter Bagley
BS, Boston College
MBA, Suffolk University

Anthony Bushu
BA, Curry College
Global MBA, Suffolk University

Cathy Curran-Kelly
BA, The Pennsylvania State University
MBA, PhD, New Mexico State University

Michael Dalton
BS, Rutgers University
MBA, Suffolk University

Linda Edwards
AB, Stanford University
MBA, Boston University School of Management
PhD, Purdue University, Krannert School of Management

Fred Kinch
BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MBA, Harvard Business School
MS, Texas Christian University

Larry Marchese
BA, Bridgewater State College
MBA, Suffolk University

Kristin Mattera
BS, Northeastern University
MA, Emerson College

Amy Meyer
BA, Boston University
MBA, Harvard Business School

Skip Perham
BA, North Adams State College
MA, Emerson College

Kim Ring
BS, Florida State University
MA, Emerson College

Steve Twomey
BS, Ricker College
MPA, Suffolk University