Kiseok Nam, PhD          

Visiting Associate Professor, Finance

Phone: 617-570-4851
Fax: 617-994-4260
Office: Sargent Hall, Room 5625

Areas of Expertise

  • Investment Theories and Practice
  • Asset Pricing Theories and Behavioral Finance
  • Macro-Finance and Monetary Theory
  • Financial Time-Series Analysis (Nonlinear Volatility Models)

Professional Experience

With over 25 years in education, Professor Nam has taught finance, financial management, investor relations and strategies for financial markets and institutions course offerings at the undergraduate, the masters and the doctoral level.

He is widely published and has completed extensive research including Asset Pricing Theories, Intertemporal Risk-Return Relation, Investor Sentiment, Financial Contagion, Contrarian/Momentum Strategies, Technical Trading Analysis and Idiosyncratic Volatility, and has been honored with numerous industry awards and several research fellowships.


PhD, Texas A&M University
MS, University of Memphis

Intellectual Contributions

Kiseok Nam's Intellectual Contributions (pdf)