Suffolk enrolls all students in On Call International's Global Academic Assistance Program while they are studying abroad. On Call is a service that provides immediate support for any challenges that arise when you are traveling. Services include medical assistance, security assistance, and travel assistance while abroad. Services also include pre-travel advising, such as providing information about vaccinations and other country-specific preparations. You will receive a Travel Risk Brief and Incident Alerts prior to and during travel from On Call’s Searchlight system. Any questions can be directed to our office or to On Call's 24/7 Global Response Center.

Note: On Call is not a first responder. If you are in a true emergency and need medical or police assistance, you should call the country’s equivalent to 9-1-1.

We would encourage you to learn more about the services available to you by taking these simple steps:
Step 1: Save On Call’s contact info into your phone
Step 2: Visit Searchlight, the plan information portal for our program. 
Searchlight Group ID: 100028COPD15
Step 3: Download the app and register using membership code 1000.
Step 4: Have a safe and healthy trip, and remember you can contact On Call International any time you have a problem while traveling.